Swine | Safety and Productivity

Agri-Marché is first and foremost a family business. We stay on top of the needs of our producers and are aware of their reality and of the issues relating to the swine sector. We’re committed to providing customized support. That’s why we provide you with more than feeding solutions. Our goal is to minimize your risks and lead you towards enhanced profitability.

We have what it takes to successfully support hog farmers entrepreneurs.

Consultants from Agri-Marché’s swine team are renowned for their knowledge and expertise. They make a point of offering innovative solutions to producers to maximize their productivity and boost their revenues.

That’s why we’ve established initiatives such as the "pool program", an all-in/all-out stabilization tool that regulates producers’ revenues.

Our follow-up and advice is customizable to the livestock and issues unique to each producer.

Agri-Marché’s corporate culture encourages continuous training. Part of the team’s strength is its complementarity of skillsets. Technologists, agronomists and veterinarians continually keep up with advances to offer solutions to increase your productivity.

This multidisciplinary team combines its knowledge in animal welfare, programs, nutrition and reproduction, environment and biosecurity to help you find the tools necessary to achieve your objectives.

We offer customizable products tailored to your livestock needs. Our product formulation maximizes animal performance and increases business profitability. We also guarantee consistency of supply through our adaptable delivery service.

Our customizable approach and dedication to each step of your production result in improved performance for you at a lesser cost.
A: Yes, this is still a possibility. All project files are analyzed; then we provide a decision based on the network’s current needs.
A: This disease occurs in unweaned piglets and leads to a high rate of mortality. It can also occur in nurseries and fattening, with a lower mortality rate. This is why strict sanitary measures must be taken at all times by producers and stakeholders at the farm to minimize the risks of disease spread. Nutrition can also be a means for transmitting the disease. To minimize the risks of disease spread, we recommend among other things to ensure that all trucks that leave the slaughterhouses be washed and disinfected before returning to a farm. The producer must not let a carrier enter the building to load hogs and must not go into the loading truck.

For our part, we have updated all our biosecurity protocols and improved a number of operating procedures such as culling sows management. Our carriers have received biosecurity training from the Centre de développement du porc du Québec (CDPQ). We work closely with all our providers to establish processes to avoid all risks of cross-contamination.
A: We usually do. Each year, we hold "Producers’ Days" during which we present our research projects and test results. We also organize visits of our facilities.

In addition, Agri-News presents various articles in relation with our projects and fields of study.
A: Nutrients from the ingredients used to prepare the feed are updated each month based on laboratory test results. In order to comply with the specifications of the different dietary phases and to guarantee an optimal price to producers, formulations are regularly updated. Consequently, the colour of feed might change, depending on variations in the rates of the ingredients used. This does not in any way affect the consistent quality of our products.
A: Yes, this is still a possibility. All submitted projects are analyzed, followed by a decision based on the network’s current needs.
A: Feed production is ongoing 24 hours a day. Therefore, in order to maximize transportation and maintain competitive pricing, deliveries are made 24 hours a day.
A: Agri-Marché employs one veterinarian, works with consulting veterinarians and also in collaboration with veterinarians at client sites.
A: Very rarely. And when we do so, it is to support the next generation or resettle customers.