Our team consists first and foremost of passionate people in the field of milk production. They are partners that will support you towards your goals. We work in cooperation with all our stakeholders. Our experts help you find the customized formulation that will maximize your livestock performance while taking into account animal welfare, forage production and breeding programs.

Consultants in the field can count on the strength of our technical team, which is always on the lookout for developments in the sector. Our technologists and agronomists offer documented, evidence-based solutions. We greatly value continuing training and go on-site at farms, to learn about our producers’ realities and progress.

Shur-Gain’s Newton program allows us to reduce production costs for formulations through a unique approach - always creating formulations at a lesser cost while only using ingredients and quantities actually needed by your ruminants and based on your forage profile.

To obtain the accuracy offered by the Newton program, tests were carried out over several years in Shur-Gain farms as well as in our laboratories. We are continuously searching for new solutions in order to increase our clients’ profitability.

Our formulations are never a secret - you can obtain the exact content of your customized formulation at any time. A current overview of the situation allows you to make the right choices for your animals’ needs.
Ultimately, our approach contributes producing your milk at a competitive cost and increase your profitability.
A: Lactech’s top priority is supporting the next generation.

First, it offers Lactech grants, a financial contribution for profit-generating projects as well as for dairy producer startups. A total of 20 grants of $7,500 each are awarded each year.

Lactech has also created the Lactech Mini Club, whose goal is to get the next generation involved through various free activities youngsters to learn more and share their knowledge on dairy production.

Our technical advisors also support producers in the inter-operational transfer process by referring them to the appropriate resources for each step of this process.
A: It’s simple. You simply need to contact our customer service at 1 877 463-3440. Our centralized management allows our customer support staff to quickly and efficiently answer any question you may have about your account.
A: Lactech is very competitive with respect to products and services. However, because it offers customized products, it can be difficult to compare prices. We offer a competitive cost per head per day comparing to our competitors.
A: Our consultants make a point to answer you promptly. We also make use of the advantage of working as a team, which guarantees consistent service. The Lactech team has a wide range of skills in daily production.
A: Because of our dedicated Lactech delivery structure, rest assured that your order will be delivered promptly.
A: From the moment the sample is sent to the Shur-Gain laboratory in Saint-Hyacinthe, you can usually expect the results to be transmitted within 24 hours.
A: You have round-the-clock access to a detailed report on your formula’s components, from formulation to manufacturing. You are also welcome to see for yourself by visiting our plants.
A: Rather investing money in the production and distribution of promotional items, Lactech prefers supporting initiatives of its producers in their environment such agricultural exhibitions, activities of rural youth and Holstein Club, to name only a few.