Our experienced team of Agri-Marché grain dealers can advise you on the latest market trends. They can propose various supply sources, services and buying/selling options that reflect your reality.

With over 100 years in the business, Agri-Marché is a strong and stable company that offers safety and peace of mind while fulfilling and respecting your contracts. Our modern infrastructures guarantee consistency of supply.

Yearly trading volumes afford a substantial purchasing power resulting in competitive prices in the grain purchasing market.

We owe this purchasing power to our modern transloading center located alongside the CN railway line and to our 60,000 ton stocking silos.

Our priority is quality service. Our facilities are accessible 24/7 for your loading needs and our delivery service is fast and adaptable.

Upon arrival at our laboratory, raw materials are thoroughly analyzed and categorized by class of grain according to grading procedures established by the Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires du Québec. Thereby, we provide you with quality, well-classed grains.

Agri-Marché is well-known for its diligence and commitment. We pay importance on compliance to existing contracts, regardless of market trends. Our financial strength is a sustainability pledge of your contract.

The Agri-Marché grain department includes a talented and motivated team of experienced dealers and risk management experts. Our goal is to establish a climate of trust with our producers by advising them on the purchase and sale of grains. We put our high-level skills and abilities to work for your purchase and sales negotiations, better positioning you to make informed decisions and to manage risks.

We offer innovative contracts and have the tools required supporting producers in their transactions. Our wide range of contract options is flexible and customizable to your reality.

Ultimately, we help manage your risk and offer quality grains at the best possible price.
A: At the end of each day, we transmit figures at market closing statistics by email or fax to some 200 clients. If you want to receive this information, email us at
A: We mainly purchase raw materials in Canada and United States. For sale and delivery, we operate in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.
A: Our products are sampled and tested in our laboratories upon arrival. We perform quality control on the products and make adjustments according to the seasonal variations of harvests before incorporating these raw materials into our formulations.

Our laboratory control tools can also detect various mycotoxins.