Agri-Marché is part of the Brochu group, a leader in the agri-food sector in Quebec. Our company is proud to offer a complete range of high quality animal feed products designed to meet the needs of our customers in the porcine, poultry and ruminant sectors. With three feed mills strategically located in Quebec, as well as a grain transhipment center, we are able to meet our customers' demands for fast and reliable delivery. As poultry and pork producers ourselves, we have what it takes to fuel your success! In addition, we operate a feed mill dedicated exclusively to ruminant feed, which allows us to provide high quality specialized products for this category of animals.
Results-oriented and inspired by a constant desire to innovate, our team develops high-performance feed and genetic solutions to ensure the optimal performance of the farms of our producer clients. The quality of customer relations has remained at the heart of the concerns of the Brochu family and employees.

Whether managers, advisors or each of the employees of Agri-Marché, one value dominates within our committed team: offering the best to agricultural producers. These promising values have also led us to stand out among the "50 best managed companies" in Canada, a tribute that we share daily with our committed staff and our loyal customers.

The daily efforts of Agri-Marché customers are a source of inspiration for our entire team. In return, we are committed to fostering the profitability and success of our customers by providing them with innovative solutions and offering quality products at competitive prices, all while relying on a competent and accessible staff.

The continuous development of the skills of our staff is a key element. The third generation of Brochu is determined to continue to develop the family business, while preserving the heritage left by the generations that precede them.

The history of Agri-Marché is first and foremost a family story that began when ancestor Joseph-Napoléon Brochu went into business more than 100 years ago by operating a general store in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis. The close ties he maintained with the agricultural producers of the time made his business prosper, which led him, in 1954, to build a flour mill in order to offer specialized animal feed products to his faithful customer base.

In the early 1960s, his sons took over the family business. Under their leadership, J.N. Brochu continued to grow. This is the period during which brothers André and Donald proceed to the acquisition of mills, farms and the expansion of their facilities.

Today, Donald's two sons and daughter are at the head of the holding company, now known as Groupe Brochu inc. They continue to build on the legacy left by their father and grandfather.

Thanks to the vision of Joseph-Napoléon Brochu and the sense of innovation of his sons and grandchildren, Agri-Marché is now recognized as a leader in animal feed, in Quebec and Canada.

Agri-Marché and Lactech are companies committed to the communities they serve across the province. Our commitment to the community is divided into three major components: support for the next generation, support for initiatives and associations in the agricultural sector, as well as support for societal causes.
Agricultural Succession
Agri-Marché has long been involved with the next generation of farmers by offering support and visibility. Many scholarships are awarded each year by our company in agricultural education institutions, from secondary to postgraduate level. Presentations to the different establishments are given by our experts according to the needs of the students. Also, many group visits take place on our main site in Saint-Isidore to help people discover our facilities.

The Lactech and Agri-Marché emerging scholarship program, in place for many years, awards scholarships to up-and-coming entrepreneurs to support an investment project that improves the profitability of their business, or is linked to the start-up or acquiring a business. Thanks to the collaboration of financial institutions such as National Bank, Royal Bank and Financière Agricole Canada, this program supports those who go far.

Beyond financial support, we welcome dozens of interns every year on our farms and within our sales teams, feed mills and offices to enable them to put their learning to use and experience the reality of the labor market. An “Employee for a Day” contest is also held each year among students who have visited our kiosks at job fairs and allows the winners to experience a day of immersion, according to their choice, among one of our many positions.

Finally, our monthly Agri-Nouvelles magazine features members of the next generation of farmers since its founding. The cover page of each edition is dedicated to emerging entrepreneurs who have experienced success and carried out important projects. Numerous reports highlight the successes of the next generation of hogs, poultry, dairy and field crops from across Quebec, while providing useful content for all readers.

Agricultural associations

Year after year, Agri-Marché and Lactech are involved in supporting agricultural associations. Both at the provincial and local levels, it is important to support the activities of these associations, which energize the Quebec agricultural market. The Federation of Young Farmers (FRAQ), Holstein Clubs, regional UPAs, UPA Open Houses, Circles of Rural Youth and Pork Producers are just a few examples of supported associations.

Societal causes

Every year Agri-Marché and Lactech receive dozens of requests for donations from community organizations. In order to properly manage these requests, define the company's priorities and organize fundraising activities, the Involved Brigade was formed in 2015. Made up of committed employees, the Involved Brigade has identified the three main areas priority support, either:
  •  The fight against poverty
  •  Helping Save Lives
  • Sustainable development
In order to help save lives, nearly twenty Agri-Marché and Lactech advisors have been trained as Agricultural Sentinels. A program developed by the Association Québécoise de Prévention du Suicide and the UPA, it aims to train workers capable of detecting signs of psychological distress among farmers and directing them to the appropriate resources. The Involved Brigade plans the training of volunteers with the regional leaders of the Sentinelles network and communicates the importance of reducing the rate of psychological distress, which is too high in agriculture.

Strengthened by a partnership with Centra

Our leaders

Jean-Pierre, Guylaine and Patrice Brochu

The third generation of the Brochu family continues to carry on the company's values ​​and preserve its predecessor 's commitment to the future of Agri-Marché: to support farmers by providing innovative solutions for animal feed. Since 2008, Patrice Brochu is the president of Agri–Marché. Jean-Pierre Brochu has been nominated Vice-President Innovations and Technology Development. Guylaine Brochu is VP of Corporate Affairs of Groupe Brochu and is current President of RONA L'Outilleur hardware stores.