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Agri-Marché fully endorses the principle of employment equity for designated groups in our workforce.


Agri-Marché’s significant family heritage gives our company a human dimension, focused on respect, contiguity and recognition in the workplace. We offer a rewarding and engaging work environment with numerous career advancement opportunities.

If you want to join us and are ready for exciting challenges, don’t hesitate to send us your resume.

Agri-Marché is first and foremost a company with a human dimension. This proximity and dynamic are reflected in our work environment, where you can feel the collaboration among team members, as well as an environment conducive to exciting challenges.
Respect, integrity and teamwork are all part of our company’s values.

Our management team is accessible and prioritizes human contact. Each employee is appreciated and contributes to building the Agri-Marché of tomorrow.

Because we’re aware of the importance of physical activity and healthy eating for our employees, we organize social and sporting activities that help us move and maintain the outstanding team spirit within the company. The Saint-Isidore head office features a fitness room where you can practice physical activity.

Innovation is at the heart of our company’s values. We are responsive to our team’s needs and we focus on offering skills development opportunities.

We encourage career development at work. If you have career goals, we‘ll be happy to help you achieve them by providing you with the necessary tools. We want to see you grow with us.

We encourage career development and offer numerous opportunities.

The Agri-Marché team is committed to providing a working environment characterized by respect, commitment and teamwork. We listen to our staff. Employees are actively encouraged to share their ideas to improve the company’s performance. We aim to keep employees motivated and happy. This is probably the reason why some of them are still working with us after more than 40 years. The relationship we have with our staff is extremely valuable and we intend to preserve it as long as Agri-Marché exists.

Welfare is an essential part of success in agriculture. Choosing the ACA means choosing the animals, but also choosing yourself. Indeed, ethical practices are fulfilling and rewarding. This is why Agri-Marché has implemented an animal welfare policy. Staff training and the quality of the living environment of animals are of utmost importance within the company.

  • A group insurance coverage ensuring greater financial security
  • A customizable, employer-sponsored retirement plan
  • An employee assistance program that provides support and solutions
  • A service recognition program that acknowledges the dedicated service of our employees
  • An internal referral program that promotes the contribution of our employees in recruiting quality candidates

Agri-Marché has over 100 years of service and commitment to farm producers.

In 2014, we were named one of the “50 best managed businesses in Canada”. This national program acknowledges the merits of Canadian businesses that develop world-class commercial practices and that create value in an innovative way. Our employees are an integral part of our success. The success of Agri-Marché relies unquestionably on the commitment of our dedicated staff.

Agri-Marché consistently invests in its facilities and develops successful and innovative practices to source its workplace with cutting-edge technology. 
  • Agroeconomics (grain traders)
  • Agronomy (R & D, Environment, Feed)
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Management and executive positions
  • Logistics, Procurement and Transportation
  • Mechanics, maintenance and engineering
  • Operations (milling and storage)
  • Agricultural production (farm and livestock)
  • Human resources, OHS and continuous improvement
  • Customer Service and Administrative Support
  • Accounting, Credit and Finance Management
  • Quality Departments and Laboratory
  • Internships and Student Jobs
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and agricultural consulting services (dairy, swine, poultry)