Agri-Marché’s poultry experts are more than merely consultants. They have a wide range of skills, are up-to-date on poultry sector issues and can meet the expectations of producers to make their livestock increasingly effective and profitable.

Agri-Marché also has a flexible, fast and reliable delivery service throughout the province. Your supply needs are always met, assuring you peace of mind.

Our consultants are renowned for their experience, dedication, passion and commitment to offer support. They make a point of sharing their knowledge and presenting you with innovative solutions for each of your areas of production, allowing you to make the best decisions for your company.

Our multidisciplinary team has the necessary expertise to adequately address your challenges. Technologists, agronomists, nutrition specialists, veterinarians and quota manager’s work together to support you in managing your facilities and nutrition programs, to answer your questions relating to animal welfare standards and more!

Our poultry consultants have all the expertise required to steer you in the right direction regarding the quality of air, water and chicken feed eaten by your poultry during livestock operations. Moreover, we have tools that allow us to thoroughly monitor your flock’s performance. From there, we work with you to set production targets.

We perform numerous tests at our poultry farms to offer new, tested and approved solutions that will meet your needs. The poultry sector is constantly evolving and we are committed to providing producers the best quality possible at the best price.

A: Our flexible service assures a fast, 24/7 delivery, regardless of your location. We also have poultry consultants in all regions of Quebec.
A: Our province-wide presence allows us to get the most out of our transportation, have a better purchasing volume and operate a considerable grain bank purchase and sale.
A: Our grain bank makes it possible for us to buy your grains at a good price and then deduct this purchase amount from your feed bills by taking into account the percentage of use of these grains in your feed tonnage.
A: Our laboratory is constantly doing tests to verify the quality of inputs and finished products. It’s also possible to test samples of your feed and quickly analyze it to ensure compliance. We exercise high control over the quality of raw materials, guaranteeing a finished product that exceeds industry standards.
A: We perform a continuous technological and scientific overview to learn about the latest developments in the industry. We base our solutions on well-established research findings. We attend conferences, seminars and conventions related to various poultry production matters - nutrition, ventilation and heating of buildings, animal welfare, and more. We see what’s being done both here in Canada and elsewhere in the world. We are always on the lookout for tomorrow’s innovations in order to offer cutting-edge and intelligent solutions.
A: Over the years, Agri-Marché has become a leader in the agricultural field in Quebec. Our team of professionals never stops innovating to offer food tailored to the needs of your fowl that will ensure the best profitability possible. Thanks to our ever growing raw materials buying network and our expertise in poultry production, Agri-Marché is well positioned to serve and support you in your business expansion.