Agri-Marché is pleased to provide its customers with a complete range of high performance seeds. Our Seeds service advise you in order to maximize your results, harvest after harvest, and offers you products renowned for their reliability and range of available varieties.

When doing business with Agri-Marché for your seeds, you can also take advantage of our grain marketing department's renowned expertise to maximize your income.

A family business well established for over 100 years in the agricultural field, Agri-Marché is committed to meeting the needs of producers, providing them with expertise, performance and peace of mind.

To guarantee the best possible results, Agri-Marché has partnered with compagnies renowned for their product's quality and reliability.
  • Dekalb: corn, soybeans and canola seeds
    • Owned by Monsanto, Dekalb seeds are derived from a world-class reservoir of genetic material and created with advanced selection techniques. Dekalb seeds offer unparalleled performance, regardless of field characteristics.
  • Semican: cereal and forage seeds
    • Established in 1982, Semican inc. has become one of Quebec's most dynamic seed companies. Operating in Canada and in the U.S., Semican offers a complete range of high-performing cereal and forage seeds.

Agri-Marché's Grain Department is a motivated, seasoned team gathering experienced traders and risk-management experts. Their objective: establish a climate of trust with producers, advising them on grain purchase and sale. You will therefore be able to maximize your harvest income or establish a grain bank, thereby reducing your feed costs.
A: We operate throughout the province of Quebec to serve all grain producers, whether or not they are Agri-Marché or Lactech animal feed customers.
A: Operating province-wide allows us to maximize transportation and to enjoy a greater purchase volume for seeds.
A: Our grain bank allows us to buy your grains at a fair price, and then deduct this amount from your stock feed invoice, taking into account the percentage of use of these grains in your stock feed ton.
A: Agri-Marché's logistics and transportation service ensures flexible service and fast delivery, no matter where you are located. We coordinate your seed delivery with our providers throughout Quebec to meet your needs.